Method R on-demand Learning Laboratory

Method R Workbench Learning Laboratory

Learning Laboratory

Our on-demand learning laboratory sessions for Method R will help you tackle application performance issues that are hampering your business. These recording are dedicated to helping you get the very best out of your existing investment in Method R.

What’s covered:


Session 1: Measuring Changes Everything
Description: A look at the motives and origins of the method called Method R

Session 2: Thinking Clearly about Performance, part 1
Description: A review of the fundamental principles of performance (MOTD* ch 1)

Session 3: Thinking Clearly about Performance, part 2
Description: More fundamental principles of performance (MOTD* ch 1)

Session 4: Tracing Oracle
Description: What it’s like to solve a problem with Oracle trace data, and how to control tracing (MOTD* ch 2, 3, 4)

Session 5: Oracle Extended SQL Trace Data
Description: The details of where trace lines come from and what they mean (MOTD* ch 6, 7)

Session 6: Connection Pooling and the Oceans–Islands–Rivers Algorithm
Description: A study of tracing and diagnosing connection pool applications

Session 7: Method R Workbench version 9
Description: An exploration of this major release with several important new features

Session 8: The 7-Eleven Optimization Story, with Richard Russell
Description: The story of a tricky performance problem that had eluded diagnosis for several months

Session 9: Mister Skew (mrskew) Day
Description: An in-depth exploration of the many useful things you can do with the Method R Workbench mrskew utility

Session 10: The Payroll Problem
Description: Conclusion of our mrskew material, and an investigation into why a CPU upgrade led to worse application performance

Session 11: Unaccounted-for Time
Description: An exploration of “unaccounted-for” time: how it is calculated, what it looks like in real life, and what it means

Session 12: Innovative Specifications for Better Performance Logging and Monitoring
Description: An instrumentation strategy that makes it easy both to obtain the right trace files and isolate the individual experiences that you want to study, no matter how complex your application is

Session 13: A Richer Understanding of Software Performance through Two Simple Spreadsheets
Description: Capstone session demonstrating a new, more accurate way of understanding application performance and capacity planning

*”MOTD” refers to The Method R Guide to Mastering Oracle Trace Data, 3rd edition, available at ($30 PDF or $65 softcover)