Cintra chosen as Oracle’s FY20 North America Most Valuable Partner for Autonomous Database

31st July 2020

NEW YORK, 31st July 2020: Cloud transformation specialist Cintra has secured the coveted title of Oracle’s FY20 North America Most Valuable Partner for its state-of-the-art Autonomous Database technology.

This next-generation database transforms enterprise transaction processing and reporting. By automating provisioning, tuning, scaling, data protection, failover, repair and other essential capabilities, it frees organizations to focus more resources on high-value innovation and customer-centric work.

Leading Autonomous Database transformation partner
Being recognized by Oracle in this way underlines Cintra’s position at the forefront of organizations able to help customers unleash the benefits of Autonomous Database.

Using its award-winning RapidCloud methodology, Cintra can help businesses and public sector bodies make the switch from on-premises to Autonomous in the cloud. RapidCloud includes detailed discovery services and design using proven reference architectures, along with migration and advanced workload tuning to maximize service levels.

In addition, Cintra RapidCloud includes ongoing 24×7 managed services that complement the capabilities of Autonomous Database. Cintra’s proactive ongoing management approach ensures customers continue to benefit from exceptional performance, data integration, data replication and other strategic requirements.

Exciting opportunities
Steven Wyper, Chief Operating Officer at Cintra, said: “We’ve helped customers realise some truly transformational benefits with Autonomous Transaction Processing and Autonomous Data Warehouse. From unlocking powerful new insights using machine learning, to enabling application providers to dedicate more resource to product innovation, the value we’re seeing it deliver for organizations large and small is truly exciting.

“One of the things customers are often surprised by is that Autonomous Database is underpinned by powerful Exadata machines. This means we can help organizations achieve exceptional performance levels from their data warehouse and OLTP workloads, at an extremely competitive price.”