Cintra launches analytics and business intelligence center of excellence

12th June 2019

Dallas, 12th June 2019: Cintra, the multi-award-winning cloud and enterprise architects, today announces the launch of its analytics and business intelligence (BI) Center of Excellence. The center will further broaden the services that Cintra customers can benefit from, which now cover the complete technology stack, from the underlying infrastructure to the user-facing decision-support tools.

Growing demand
With growing demand for these full-stack services, Cintra has invested significantly in the new center of excellence, hiring experienced BI thought leaders, including Tim Seyfried and Duy Tran, to head up the capability. Both have enviable track records in designing, implementing and running enterprise-grade BI functions that support strategic and operational decision-making in large organizations. Their skills complement Cintra’s business-wide architecture and database capabilities.

A natural extension of Cintra’s long-standing database and architecture expertise
Established in 1996, Cintra has long been the database and architecture partner of choice for numerous big-name organizations. Its expertise in architecting, building and managing high-performance, highly available and highly secure platforms has seen it win numerous awards and build multi-year relationships with organizations in retail, travel and transportation, financial services, healthcare and the public sector.

Kyle Smith, CEO (North America) at Cintra, explained: “As the ones trusted by our clients to safeguard their most important data, we’re ideally positioned to then help them get more value from it. Our long-established ability to create and manage the right technology architectures for business-critical data, combined with the ETL and BI experience of the team in our new center of excellence, mean customers can now get all of their data services in one place.”

Business Intelligence Center of Excellence
Duy Tran, Lead Consultant in the analytics and business intelligence center of excellence, added: “It’s never been more important for organizations to leverage their data. And with so many enterprise-grade cloud-based tools now available, including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Analytics Cloud, smart businesses are looking to take their use of data to the next level by leveraging artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and other fast-growing techniques.”

Tim Seyfried, Principal Consultant in the analytics and business intelligence center of excellence said: “Many organizations have established and well-functioning data warehouses and BI platforms, but want to innovate by adding advanced technologies to the mix. Others may have end-of-life data infrastructure and be looking to move to the cloud. We’re also seeing businesses undergoing wider enterprise architecture transformations that require them to build new data analytics capabilities from the ground up. Whatever a business’s need, we’re really excited to get involved in the design, implementation and support of its next-gen data and analytics capabilities.”

Launch webinar
To mark the launch of the new center of excellence, Tim Seyfried and Duy Tran will be running a webinar on June 18th, looking at the capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud and how organizations can build a business case for its adoption.

This will be followed by hands-on workshops, the first two of which are in Frisco, TX, and New York City, NY.