Cintra launches Database Anywhere and Database Freedom programs

May 6th 2021

Empowering organizations to migrate and modernize enterprise workloads, unlocking themselves from legacy platforms and enjoying the freedom to save, innovate and grow.

New York, London, May 6th 2021: Cintra, the enterprise cloud architecture specialist, today launches its Database Anywhere and Database Freedom programs.

Database Anywhere provides a fast, low-risk route for customers to migrate applications running on Oracle to a private, hybrid or multi-cloud architecture. Oracle Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure public clouds are all viable options.

Database Freedom enables customers to free themselves from legacy database investments, enabling migrations to modern alternatives, such as Oracle Autonomous Database, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Google BigQuery or MongoDB.

Cintra will help customers select the right cloud platform or the right target database technology for their specific needs, based on a detailed discovery that defines the service levels required for each workload.

Enabling a modern database and enterprise workload strategy

Abdul Sheikh, Chief Technology Officer at Cintra, said: “Our Database Anywhere and Database Freedom programs address modern organizations’ biggest challenges around their database workloads. Database Anywhere eliminates the need to run and manage expensive legacy database platforms, while the choice of cloud platforms enables businesses to align with strategic and operational goals. And Database Freedom provides organizations with a tiered database strategy, aligning appropriate database technologies with specific types of workloads, service level needs and cost profiles.”

Database Anywhere: The benefits at-a-glance

Database Anywhere gives customers running Oracle-based applications a rapid and minimal-risk way of achieving a variety of strategic goals.

Many of these have come increasingly into focus as a result of Covid-19. They include fast data center exits, technology cost consolidation, and avoiding expensive hardware refreshes.

Customers can also benefit from enhanced service levels, refocus staff on high-value initiatives, and reallocate budgets to accelerate new projects.

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Database Freedom: The benefits at-a-glance

Database Freedom provides organizations with choice around the future of their legacy database platforms, enabling them to migrate to modern, lower-cost alternatives, running on lower-cost infrastructure. This in turn frees up resources to drive investment in new areas of growth-enabling innovation.

Evolving to a modern database platform also enables organizations to mine their data using new cloud-centric data tools. This brings new opportunities to draw out intelligence that drives better decision-making, underpins new products and services, enhances customer experiences, and accelerates their journeys towards being truly data-driven businesses.

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RapidCloud: Fast, assured cloud transformation

Both Database Anywhere and Database Freedom leverages Cintra’s RapidCloud methodology and tooling. Using intelligent automation, reference architectures and migration patterns, RapidCloud accelerates the discovery and cloud transformation process, and integrates seamlessly with Cintra’s multi-cloud managed services.

Getting the big decisions right

Steven Wyper, Chief Operating Officer at Cintra, said: “Most organizations have faced massive challenges over the past year, and have had to make serious decisions on how they drive cost and risk out their business. Questions such as: How quickly can we get out of the data center? Which cloud infrastructure or database platform should we choose? How much will it cost? Can I deliver savings? Cintra’s Database Anywhere and Database Freedom programs help answer all those questions and more.

“At Cintra, our mission is to ‘architect customer success’. By offering our customers choice, we help them shape critical business decisions that can impact the trajectory of their organizations for years to come. We’re passionate and proud of the fact that we help our clients make decisions today that drive tomorrow’s results.”

Customers can find out more about Database Anywhere and Database Freedom on the Cintra website or in our infographic.