Cintra Opens Oracle Hybrid Cloud Innovation & Solution Center in NYC

May 24, 2016

Cintra, a global leader in Oracle Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Services, today announced the opening of an innovation and solution center that showcases a unique Oracle-on-Oracle Cloud Computing technology platform from its global headquarters in New York City, USA.

The New York innovation center, the most complete private cloud running on the full Oracle Engineered Systems on the East Coast of North America, will provide a global platform for Cintra, an Oracle Platinum Partner, to demonstrate the power and capabilities of Oracle Private and Public Cloud Computing to existing and new Oracle technology users.




Abdul Sheikh, CTO at Cintra, comments: “Our customers are looking to us to help build and prove the business case for Oracle Cloud Computing. This innovative center is a cornerstone in our approach of working in partnership to demonstrate the value of Oracle Cloud Computing and how hybrid cloud infrastructure can work for them in realizing their digital transformation and modernization strategies.

“Many of the organizations I speak to understand the importance and the impact cloud will have on their businesses, but are seeking expert advice on the path through the complexities. This solution center will help them clarify and answer the many questions they have before they are able to unleash the competitive advantages cloud can offer.

“Over the past few years, we’ve been helping big brands across a number of industries – from retail to finance and transportation – understand the value of a hybrid cloud approach and how it plays a critical role in their business transformation programs.”

The focus of the Hybrid Cloud innovation center is to demonstrate how organizations undertaking digital transformation and modernization programs can benefit from a converged systems hybrid cloud platform providing benefits including consolidation, operational efficiency, greater agility, and a reduction in their on-premise IT infrastructure costs.

The innovation center is built on a complete Oracle-on-Oracle technology stack which demonstrates the full enterprise capabilities provided by the Oracle 12c Database, Oracle 12c Enterprise Manager, GoldenGate Data Integration, Advanced Security and Data Management Options, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database Appliance and ZFS Storage all integrated into the Oracle public cloud.

Alongside a highly skilled and experienced global team of hybrid cloud architects and engineers, Cintra has developed a proven blueprinted process driven approach to hybrid cloud deployments, which reduces risks associated with complex cloud projects. In addition, Cintra provides end-to-end Enterprise Architecture services from architectural assessments, design, build and migration alongside a 24×7 proactive managed services capability.