Cintra wins Two Awards at Oracle OpenWorld 2016

19th September 2016

Cintra selected as Oracle’s North America Specialized Partner of the Year for Cloud Infrastructure and Small- and Medium-Sized Business Solutions at Oracle OpenWord 2016

Cintra, a global leader in Oracle Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Services, has picked up two major ‘Specialized Partner of the Year’ awards at Oracle OpenWorld 2016: one for its work to design and build a cloud platform for a major US Airline, the other for a scalable Engineered Systems architecture for a global machine-to-machine and Internet of Things communication solutions company.

The two awards, ‘Specialized Partner of the Year for Cloud Infrastructure 2016 – North America’ and ‘Specialized Partner of the Year for SMB Solutions 2016 – North America’ recognize outstanding solutions that use Oracle products to deliver measurable business outcomes and clear customer satisfaction.

Delivering digital transformation
For a top 5 US Airline, Cintra transformed the Airline with a modern Oracle Private Cloud architecture, designed, delivered and managed by the organization.  The new modern platform underpins its business-critical aircraft maintenance applications, alongside its passenger commerce platform. The Cintra private cloud architecture solution has dramatically improved the Airlines performance and associated user experience, with business critical processes running up to x48 times faster.

The Airline now has greater control and flexibility over fare sales by enabling tailored pricing models, improving customer experience and benefiting from greater agility when reacting to market conditions and competitor activity – significantly boosting operating income.

The second award was given for a modern, converged and fully optimized Oracle Engineered Systems platform for the Machine-to-Machine communications specialist and its business critical real-time Oracle databases; providing cost-effective scalability, availability and redundancy.

Cintra’s maximum availability designed architecture solution and implementation services provided the ‘building blocks’ for a rapid and simplified deployment, along with the capacity to grow.  The platform has enabled the organization to grow its business and offer markedly improved SLAs to its customers.

Cintra’s CTO Abdul Sheikh and his team accepted the awards at a glittering ceremony at the start of Oracle’s annual flagship OpenWorld 2016 event. Sheikh said afterwards: “Given the huge importance of cloud across the industry, being recognized as Oracle’s Partner of the Year in this area is an incredible achievement and is testament to the way we’ve continued to adopt and build new technologies into our blueprinted solutions to make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. The SMB award is proof that we can successfully help businesses of all sizes enjoy the benefits of Oracle technologies in a cost-effective way.

“Our mission is to help our customers focus and architect their businesses for success, by using Oracle technology in innovative ways to deliver great customer experiences, true business agility and capabilities for the digital age.  These awards cement a mutual commitment between Oracle and Cintra as a global Oracle specialist, and our emphasis on providing Enterprise Cloud Architecture services by being the trusted partner of choice.”

The two awards come shortly after Cintra was awarded the 2016 North America Oracle Partner Achievement Award for Engineered Systems Growth, and further strengthen Cintra’s position as a leader in cloud solutions and digital transformation space.