We’ve got you covered - free-of-charge contingency support service

8th April 2020

Reassurance, contingency and resilience

Several weeks have passed since the COVID-19 pandemic began to impact our families, friends, colleagues, partners and customers at Cintra.

Like most organizations, we’ve needed to move quickly and decisively to ensure we keep taking care of our customers, with our people being our number-one priority.

We want to help too

It’s been inspiring to see so many individuals and businesses stepping up to help the global effort on different levels. Cintra wants to help too. Therefore, we’ll be donating our highly qualified resources to help anyone who needs them, during these challenging times.

Cintra Cover

We’ve designed a new free-of-charge contingency support service, called Cintra Cover. It provides administration services for Oracle and SQL Server databases, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance, as well as Oracle E-Business Suite DBA services.

Cintra Cover will run for the next three months. We’ve kept it simple, easy to understand, easy to set up, easy to use and free.

If we can be there when it matters, we’ll be happy to know we’ve helped.

Please visit to sign up, and let us stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

Steve Wyper

Chief Operating Officer