New Cary Millsap book: The Method R Guide to Mastering Oracle Trace Data, Third Edition

12th April 2019

Dallas, 12th April 2019: Cary Millsap, Oracle performance specialist, VP User Experience Services at Cintra and creator of the revolutionary Method R performance-optimization software and technique, has today released the new edition of his acclaimed book, The Method R Guide to Mastering Oracle Trace Data.

The third edition has been significantly revised and updated, based on Millsap and Cintra’s experiences in the last three years, as well as enhancements to both Oracle Database and the Method R Workbench software.

Comprehensive guide to measuring application performance

Mastering Oracle Trace Data aims to provide a comprehensive guide to optimizing applications so they deliver the best-possible user experiences. It’s aimed at Oracle database administrators (DBAs), application developers and anyone with an interest in Oracle performance.

At the launch of the third edition, Millsap commented: “Performance is a really complex and multi-faceted area, and based on the experiences of the Method R and Cintra teams over the past few years, I wanted to refine and improve the advice we’re giving people in the book.

“So as well as being almost 50 pages bigger than its predecessor, the third edition contains a variety of new examples and explanations to help readers better understand the best way to optimize performance in their situations.

“For example, where we previously explained a number of things you could do in a particular scenario, I’ve now spent time explaining which of these you should do. This will help readers prioritize their next steps when they face different issues.

“There’s also new information on how to prevent tracing from impacting business workflows, new insights on data security, and much more.”

Mastering Oracle Trace Data, Third Edition, is available as hardcopy via Amazon, or electronically from