New Method R Workbench 8 makes Oracle performance optimization quicker and faster than ever before

10th May 2018

Dallas, 10th May 2018: Method R Corporation, the world’s thought leader in Oracle performance optimization, today launches Method R Workbench 8. This new version makes it quicker and easier than ever for businesses to understand how their Oracle-based applications spend their time.

Method R Workbench enables organizations to triage slow-running applications, write performance-optimized software and ensure optimal user experiences in the cloud. Workbench is unique because it explains every microsecond of slow response that users feel when they use a system.

Transformational performance and streamlined user experience
Workbench 8 combines Method R Profiler and Method R Tools into a single application, putting all the key performance-diagnosis capabilities at the fingertips of development and database teams.

Major improvements under the hood make what was already the fastest Oracle profiler in the world even faster. Now, profiles are available almost instantaneously, even when you load them into the application by the dozen.

Moreover, numerous user interface enhancements all make using Oracle’s most accurate performance-measurement features as frictionless and simple as possible.

Helping businesses deliver great user experiences
Cary Millsap, founder at Method R Corporation and Vice President of User Experience Services at Cintra, said: “As you learn how powerful it is to be able to explain every microsecond of your users’ experiences with your system, it’s easy to find yourself needing to keep, organize, and query hundreds of these trace files. Before today’s announcement, people had no tools to help manage them all.

“With Workbench 8, we have the world’s first system for organizing and querying these trace files. With Workbench 8, it’s a lot easier to use trace files for code reviews, performance tests, concept proofs, hardware and software evaluations, upgrades, troubleshooting and more.

“Our original software made it easier to measure people’s experiences, but Workbench 8 makes it easier to come back and use those measurements when it’s important to be able to find them. When it’s easy to make detailed before-and-after performance comparisons, it makes everything you do – think upgrades, or migrations to the cloud – safer and better than ever before.”

Existing Method R Workbench subscribers can upgrade to Workbench 8 under their current license. For more pricing options, organizations can contact Cintra, Method R’s exclusive reseller.