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Small, medium and large organizations are seeking to build reliable and cost-effective systems that deliver high availability and high performance. This helps provide the best user experience, drives down maintenance and licensing costs and minimizes downtime.

At Cintra, we’ve unrivalled global experience of working in partnership with our customers to deliver modern architectures, using Oracle Database Appliance and other Oracle Engineered Systems. Globally, we’ve deployed over 300 ODAs and actively manage more than 100. We will:

  • Assess and score your current Oracle architecture capabilities
  • Deliver a roadmap to a new, modern architecture
  • Design your new architecture, built around the ODA
  • Implement your architecture, using proven blueprints
  • Migrate your applications and databases with minimal downtime
  • Optimize your Oracle license costs and annual support costs
  • Reduce ongoing support costs with our proactive Managed Services

Database Appliance: Complete, Simple, Reliable, Affordable






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