Oracle Database Appliance

ODA Design

Oracle Database Appliance design services

We start by reviewing your workload requirements to ensure an Oracle Database Appliance is the right solution.

If it is, we’ll design the right ODA deployment for your organization, carefully aligning it with your strategy to ensure it underpins your growth in a sustainable way. We’ll size it correctly to be sure it has sufficient memory and storage, and that the enabled CPU cores will support your workload, while keeping license costs under control.

Drawing on our long-standing enterprise architecture expertise, we’ll look at where the ODA(s) will sit in your wider landscape, ensuring the appliance(s) will smoothly integrate with your network and storage infrastructure. With these insights, we’ll craft an optimal technical and commercial solution, using our blueprints and reference architectures.

These low-risk designs have all been tested, with every component proven to work together.
Once your designs are complete, we’ll guide you through the procurement process.


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