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Transform your organization with a modern and optimized Enterprise Architecture that delivers world-class customer experience, business agility, rock-solid availability and bullet-proof data protection and security.

Successful organizations have Enterprise Architectures that support their vision and help them respond rapidly to every opportunity. Cintra’s proven architecture-led approach will underpin your transformation into an efficient, agile, high-performance and low-risk business, ready to deliver your vision and succeed in the modern digital world.

Our holistic approach focuses 100% on delivering business value, as we craft, build and manage exactly the right architecture platform for your organization, using a blend of public and private cloud, Oracle Engineered Systems and state-of-the-art software.

All our work follows proven, blueprinted designs and approaches, which minimize risk and accelerate your transformation.



Why Cintra?

We’ve been successfully transforming organizations’ architectures for more than 20 years, modernizing their mission-critical systems to underpin significant business growth. Our unique blueprinted approach means everything we design and deploy has been proven to work, meaning you get the promised benefits faster.

  • Architecture services

    Architecture Assessment

    A quick and easy-to-understand review that shows how well your existing architecture supports your vision.
  • Architecture services

    Architecture design

    We’ll create a new technology architecture to meet your current and future needs, using proven…
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    JetBlue discuss how Cintra has helped them establish a private cloud environment
  • Point of View

    Transform your Oracle technology platforms

    Do you ever get frustrated that your organization can’t keep up with the agility of…
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    Enterprise Architecture

    World-class customer experiences. Rapid time-to-market. Rock-solid availability, agility, bulletproof data protection and security
  • Best Practice Guide

    Transform and modernize your Oracle architecture

    Gain competitive edge through enhanced business agility, revolutionized customer experiences and reduced operational costs.
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