Architecture services

Architecture assessment

Our rapid Architecture Assessment gives C-level executives and technology teams a powerful set of insights on how well your existing platforms support your business vision.

We’ll quickly and assuredly map out your current Enterprise Architecture and provide an easy-to-understand scorecard, showing your strengths and areas of risk.

We’ll also provide a plan to tackle any issues we spot.

Easy-to-understand scorecard

Your architecture scorecard will cover:

  • Performance and customer experience
  • Service level compliance
  • Scalability and cloud-readiness
  • Operational management and risk
  • Availability and redundancy
  • Security, data protection and data loss potential
  • Data management
  • Agility
  • Standardization and consolidation
  • License position

Roadmap to architecture success

Based on our findings, we’ll recommend how to improve your Enterprise Architecture to better support your organization. This includes:

  • Short-term tactical fixes
  • Longer-term strategic roadmap



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