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Data integration services

Data integration ensures your information is where you need it, when you need it. Our data integration blueprints enable you to deliver data where it’s needed in an efficient manner, without affecting your customer experiences.

Information is the bedrock of your business, and it’s essential you have the right data in the right place at the right time. From the product information that a customer needs to complete a purchase, to financial reports for your board meeting, you need to be confident your technology systems can reliably turn raw data from across your business into something infinitely more valuable.

GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator specialists

Specializing in Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator, we can help you harness the power of these products and combine them with others in the Oracle ecosystem to deliver:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Maximum availability
  • Minimal- and zero-downtime upgrades, migrations and transitions

Why Cintra?

We’ve been successfully delivering data integration projects for more than 20 years, helping organizations use their data to drive significant business growth.

Our expertise in Oracle GoldenGate, Oracle Data Integrator and other tools, combines with our unique, proven, blueprinted approach to deliver migrations faster and with much lower risk.

Why not start with one of our rapid data integration healthchecks?

  • Data integration services

    Data integration healthcheck

    Already using data integration technology? We’ll review your setup and provide an improvement roadmap.
  • Data integration services

    Real-time analytics

    Leverage your fast-moving transactional data to enable better-informed decision-making, without impacting customer experience.
  • Data integration services

    Maximum availability from critical systems

    Multi-site replication delivers maximum uptime from your critical systems, enabling you to meet high SLAs.
  • Data integration services

    Zero-downtime upgrades, migrations and transitions

    Upgrade your Oracle software, migrate to a new platform or move data centers.
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