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Database services

Achieve the highest confidence in your business-critical database environments by optimizing and securing your databases. We help you deliver availability, agility, performance and security.

The information in your databases underpins your business and its vision. To make the best decisions and deliver great user experiences, you need that information in front of your customers and decision-makers the instant they need it.

Our Database services will help you achieve this and much more. Whether your critical information is in the cloud or on-premises, we’ll help you secure it using encryption, ensure availability with clustering and quickly get data where it needs to be by leveraging replication and Database as a Service (DBaaS) strategies.

Why Cintra?

We’ve 20+ years’ experience in delivering world-class database architectures and service levels for business-critical data stores.

Our proven database blueprints and reference architecture designs will ensure your database platform is always available and always performing. We’ll proactively manage and monitor your database environment 24×7.

  • Database services

    Data as a Service (DaaS)

    Make your business more agile and secure by unleashing data-on-demand.
  • Database services

    Database security

    Don’t let a security incident cripple your business or destroy your brand. We’ll help you…
  • Database Services

    Database healthcheck

    Quickly identify and resolve database issues that are holding your business back.
  • Database services

    Database performance review and tuning

    Improve customer experience, reduce the cost of database operations and more.
  • Database services

    High-availability backup and recovery

    Make sure your critical databases are available when you need them.
  • Database services

    Database installation, configuration and upgrades

    We can install, configure and upgrade your critical databases, using our proven, low-risk reference architectures…