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E-Business Suite services

Underpin your business with a world-class ERP platform architecture, delivered on-premise on a modern architecture or in the cloud.

When your business relies on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform such as Oracle E-Business Suite, you need to know it will stand up to the ever-growing demands of your modern enterprise.

The secret to Oracle E-Business Suite success is to run it on a highly available blueprinted agile architecture that is available and flexible to meet your business demands. So whether you’re procuring an E-Business Suite or are an established user, Cintra’s EBS Architecture Services Center of Excellence will make sure your critical ERP platform will deliver today and in the future.

The Cintra Difference for any EBS platform is as follows:

  • A complete architecture designed to deliver guaranteed SLAs for availability and data protection
  • A architecture deployed in weeks not months
  • A highly available clustered configuration for automated recovery from failures
  • A agile architecture that provides instant cloning capabilities essential for an EBS environment
  • A proactively managed architecture that remains healthy to ensure consistent service levels
  • A compliant architecture that ensures complete compliance with Oracle licensing guidelines



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