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Oracle licensing services

We guarantee we can save you money on Oracle license and support costs, whether you’re being audited, procuring new technology or want to cut your ongoing support costs.

Licensing represents a major part of any Oracle technology budget and can be complex to understand. This is why large numbers of organizations are at risk by being under-licensed or are missing opportunities by being over-licensed.

Cintra’s Oracle licensing services will help you understand and optimize your license position, so you know you’re compliant and getting the best possible deal.

Guaranteed savings

Whether you’re about to be audited, mid-audit, procuring new technology, preparing for a ULA or PoF certificate, or want to cut the cost of your Oracle support renewals, we’re certain we can architect you a better deal.

If we can’t demonstrate savings that exceed our fees, we won’t charge you.

Why Cintra?

Our team has over 50 years’ collective experience of Oracle licensing and has guided more than 1,500 transactions through Oracle’s commercial processes. Draw on our experience to understand and take control of your Oracle portfolio.

  • Oracle licensing services

    Managing Oracle audits

    We’ll manage your audit for you and help secure an optimized commercial resolution.
  • Oracle licensing services

    Proactive licensing review

    Take control of your licensing to minimize financial risk and maximize value from any surpluses.
  • Oracle licensing services

    Smarter Oracle procurement

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  • Oracle licensing services

    Optimized Oracle support costs

    Guaranteed reductions in your current and future Oracle support bills.
  • Our expertise

    Oracle services for ISVs

    Win more business, increase profits, improve customer satisfaction and streamline the way your software business…
  • Save money on your Oracle licensing

    Oracle licensing support

    We can save you money on Oracle license and support costs.