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Migration services

Improve customer experience and reduce costs, while boosting security, availability, performance and agility. Migrate your critical enterprise technology to the latest versions and state-of-the-art hybrid cloud platforms.

Our global 24-hour migration Center of Excellence helps you get from ‘A’ to ‘B’ with minimal risk and disruption to your business.

So whether it’s to migrate critical Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server databases to the latest versions, to transition from on-premises to the cloud, move to a state-of-the-art interconnection hub or to switch from one hardware platform or operating system to another, our experienced team gives you priceless peace of mind as you prepare your business for tomorrow.

The benefits of migrating to new versions and platforms

Leaving behind your old, potentially unsupported platforms and moving to modern technology can bring numerous benefits, including:

  • Eliminate the ever-increasing support costs of legacy databases and platforms
  • Standardize databases and platforms, leveraging more powerful and fully supported technology
  • Save money by consolidating your technology footprint
  • Access a greater number of skilled resources in the marketplace to support and develop your platform: the available pool invariably declines over time for older technologies, potentially putting your business at risk

Why Cintra?

All our migration work uses proven blueprints, where every process we follow and every piece of technology we deliver has been shown to work. For your organization, this means minimal risk and exceptionally fast delivery.

Discover more below.

  • Migration services

    Cloud migrations

    Move your critical enterprise systems from on-premises towards and into the cloud.
  • Migration services

    Database migrations

    Switch from Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, Sybase, Informix, Postgres or Ingres to Oracle Database.
  • Migration services

    Database version upgrades

    Low-risk, minimal-downtime updates to the latest version of Oracle Database or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Migration services

    Platform migrations

    Move from legacy platforms to modern infrastructure and operating systems, such as Oracle Linux.
  • Engineered Systems services

    Migration to Engineered Systems

    Zero-downtime and minimal-downtime transitions from legacy platforms to Oracle Engineered Systems.
  • Migration services

    Data center migrations

    Move to a new data center or Equinix interconnection hub with minimal risk, minimal disruption.
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    Migration Services

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