Migration services

Data center migrations

Want to move data centers, or get out of the data center business entirely?

We’ll move you out of your existing data center, migrating you to a new facility of your choice, or one of Equinix’s global interconnection hubs, from where you can connect directly to any major cloud provider.

Linking directly to any major cloud provider

By linking your own infrastructure directly to the cloud, you minimize latency and improve security by removing the need to send traffic across the public internet.

Contact us today to discuss your data center migration requirements.

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  • Migration services

    Cloud migrations

    Move your critical enterprise systems from on-premises towards and into the cloud.
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    Cintra and Equinix

    Cintra & Equinix – delivering multi-cloud enterprise platforms
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    Migration to Engineered Systems

    Zero-downtime and minimal-downtime transitions from legacy platforms to Oracle Engineered Systems.
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    Migration Services

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