Migration services

Database version upgrades

Is your organization running old database software? Concerned you’re not benefiting from the latest capabilities, or that critical parts of your business technology will soon be out-of-support?

Many businesses avoid upgrading the databases behind their core applications and services because they’re worried about the risks.

With Cintra, you can have the benefits without the risk.

Maximum benefit, minimum risk

Cintra’s proven minimal- and zero-downtime upgrade pathways for Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server mean you can benefit from the latest database technology, without risking your business.

Our meticulous planning leaves nothing to chance. Our blueprinted tools and techniques, which have all been shown to work, then deliver a fast, minimal-risk upgrade.

Talk to us today about your database upgrade needs.

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  • Migration services

    Database migrations

    Switch from Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, Sybase, Informix, Postgres or Ingres to Oracle Database.
  • Migration services

    Platform migrations

    Move from legacy platforms to modern infrastructure and operating systems, such as Oracle Linux.
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    Database Services

    Data drives your decisions: make sure your staff and customers have what they need.
  • Datasheet

    Migration Services

    Unleash the benefits of state-of-the-art technology: migrate to a modern architecture, using Cintra’s proven risk-mitigated…