Our expertise

Security services

Lock down your database security on-premise or in the cloud;  protect your brand, revenue and customers.

No business wants to be the next high-profile victim of a security breach. You’ll see your customers flock to your competitors and the reputational damage can last years. There’s also the loss of revenue, regulatory fines and even the potential to lose your license to operate. There’s no doubt, security is a serious business.

You need to do everything you can to keep your organization and critical data safe, and Cintra’s Security Services Center of Excellence is here to guide you. Specializing in database security, we’ll help you define the right security model for your business, looking at everything from where you store your data and how you store it, through to how it’s used and who can access it.

Let’s start with a security assessment

Starting with an in-depth security assessment, we’ll execute our security assessment process on your business critical database environment and score exactly where you stand in terms of security risk and exposure today.

A security roadmap will then be established for short-term, mid-term and long-term implementation of security measures. From there we’ll help you use database security features and options to achieve data encryption, auditing, controlled access and more.