What we do

Minimizing your exposure to risk

Reduce the effects of risk on your business with blueprinted architectures and the lowest operational risk so you can focus your energies on your customers and your business value.

No organization likes risk – it costs money and distracts from genuine opportunities. At Cintra, we can help you mitigate risk, so that you can confidently spend more time and money on what your organization does best.

There are lots of ways we can do this. And across all of them, we bring enormous experience based on a blueprinted approach, where every element of the solutions we deliver is tested and proven to work together. Leaving nothing to chance dramatically increases the likelihood of program success and reduces the risk of overruns.

Here are just some of the ways Cintra can make a difference to your business when it comes to mitigating risk:

Future-proof enterprise architectures

We can help future-proof your critical IT foundations eliminating traditional architecture issues such as; downtime due to lack of multi-vendor integration, lack of best practices, incomplete data protection or of systems not delivering the returns you expect. We’ll take a holistic view of your business and create the technology architecture that will meet your needs today and can evolve for tomorrow. Find out more about our Architecture Services.

Proactive IT evolution and Managed Services

As your customers’ demand change, your business IT needs to adapt. We’ll help you do this, using our low-risk and proactive approach to IT support services. Find out more about our Managed Services.

Better analytics for greater confidence

Reduce risk and the associated costs by understanding your business and markets better – and demonstrating this to your regulator. We’ll design and build the consolidated reporting data warehouse and analytics tools that can give you the insights you need to operate with greater certainty right across your organization. Find out more about our Business Intelligence and Big Data services.

Licensing expertise

When you’re operating a large Oracle IT estate, making sure you’re fully compliant with your licensing requirements can be challenging. We can help you reduce the risk of license compliance issues by providing our Catalyst assessment services to ensure you have the right licenses in place for your estate.

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