• Digital transformation

    We can help you deliver better customer experiences, while benefiting from lower costs, greater agility, reduced risk and increased efficiency.

  • Business agility

    Find out how we create and manage the IT platforms and decision-support tools that empower your organization to be truly agile.

  • Customer experience

    In today’s demanding commercial environment, best-in-class service shines through. We can help you drive revenue, loyalty and advocacy.

  • Business insights

    To make the best decisions, you need access to the best information. Discover how we can improve your existing systems to deliver enhanced insights.

  • Risk mitigation

    A time- and resources-consuming reality, risk impacts upon every business. Find out how our innovation solutions can help you focus on what you do best.

  • Thought leaders for hire

    Our Elite Technologists are on-hand to help you navigate your critical modernization programs and challenges.

  • Our expertise

    Architecture services

    See how Cintra’s Cloud architecture services are modernizing Oracle platforms, transforming businesses with unparalleled levels…
  • Our expertise

    Database services

    Cintra can help modernize your database platform onto a secure, compliant, managed and consolidated platform.
  • Our expertise

    Cloud services

    Find out how our holistic approach to Cloud design results in a true enterprise cloud…
  • Our expertise

    Data integration

    Delivern multi-site availability and real time reporting without affecting your customer experience.
  • Our expertise

    Database services

    Cintra can help modernize your database platform onto a secure, compliant, managed and consolidated platform.
  • Our expertise

    E-Business Suite services

    Discover why Cintra designed EBS architectures are years ahead of your typical platform delivered to…
  • Our expertise

    Managed services

    Delivered by our global team of experts, our proactive fast response managed services will allow…
  • Our expertise

    Migration services

    Migrate to your new platform with minimal disruption and risk with Cintra’s expert migration services.
  • Our expertise

    Security services

    Discover how we can assess your current security levels and help you lock-down your Cloud…
  • Information at your fingertips

    Knowledge base

    At Cintra, we consider it our privilege to offer industry-leading thought leadership. Here’s where you’ll…
  • For a better business outlook

    Head to the cloud

    Put the customer right at the heart of your organisational focus through cloud technology.
  • A simple, reliable, and affordable solution

    The Oracle Database Appliance

    As the world’s ultimate ODA partner, having successfully installed over 300 ODAs globally, who else…
  • Capitalize on the power of your data

    Agile BI

    Cintra’s Agile BI solution, powered by Data Warehouse Automation, enables you to extract meaningful information…